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In these last years in the Hospitals – both public and private – has been established the practice of commissioning to external companies the manage- ment of certain services, in particular those related to the Clinical Engineering Services with different configurations of the services and the economic and operational responsibility and of the mainte- nance of the appliances specifically decided with the client.

In this order of business Tesi has decided to deve- lop collaborations and partnerships with “Aziende Ospedaliere” and “ASL” – Italian public healthcare structures – for the management of the biomedical technologies with clinical engineering services or global services (preventive maintenance, correcti- ve maintenance, electrical safety test, acceptance test, computerized management, management of external maintenance’s contracts, consulting and upgrade of the appliances according to new com- pliances)

In particular, TESI has the target to satisfy the client throughout a daily work to maintain the hi- ghest quality levels while reducing the time needed for the maintenance.



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